NEE Windows and SPoD

Hi folks,

Does anyone know which resources I have whether I connect SPoD and NEE?

As far as I know, I can use Metrics and Xref View, but, is that it?

I am using Natural Windows with SPoD and the target environment is on mainframe. I have tested NEE on Windows, but, can I use Natural on mainframe? Can I use all NEE features?

I think the repository can be installed on Windows or mainframe. If the repository is on mainframe, I need to use Entire Net-Work. Is that correct?

To avoid transferring the objects (applications) to Natural Windows, would be possible to use the same FUSER on mainframe? Will the impact and the modification be executed directly from FUSER mainframe?

Are there any features that I cannot use? How to get the best environment to integrate Natural mainframe and Natural Engineer on Windows?

I know there is NEE on mainframe, but I don’t want to use it on this kind of configuration.

Thank you in advance.



You can use NEE from the PC to connect to the NEE on the mainframe.

You need NEE (PC) NEE (MF) and NDV (MF)

All functions are available via this configuration plus extra ones. New functionality is normally now delivered with the NEE PC version with the corresponding objects required to execute via NDV.

You do not need Entire Net-Work in a NDV (SPoD) environment.

When you have mapped a M/F environment in the PC and used NEESTART to activate Natural Engineer, it works out where you are and you either get REMOTE or LOCAL in the bottom left corner to inform you where you are. After that, NEE works out where it needs to send the requests.

Hope this makes sense.

Hi Brian,

I didn’t understand why I don’t need Entire Net-Work. If the repository is on MF, are the NEE objects running on MF or PC? If NEE objects are running on MF, ok, it is not necessary Entire Net-work, but if NEE objects are running on PC, how they are connected? Is NDV enough?

What about Natural objects? Can I avoid transferring the objects using NEE and NDV? When I add a new application on NEE, can I use Natural objects that are on mainframe FUSER? If I choose the library modified, Will I have the authorization to create it as well as I have on PC? (Not being administrator).



Yep, the NEE objects will execute on the M/F.

You will be on your PC and connected to the M/F via a mapping in SPoD. NEE realizes this and passes the request to the NDV which then executes the appropriate objects on the M/F. The SPoD link is all that is required.

The same thing will also get the source code from the M/F.

So, as long as you are mapped to SPoD and type NEESTART on the PC, you will access the Adabas on the M/F and the source code on the mainframe. Just make sure that you have LFILE 96 defined in the mapping to point to the NEE repository.

BTW, if you have Natural Security, this will limit what you can defined within NEE as it checks if you have access to the libraries that you define within the application preeferences.

Apart from that, you are free to do what you like.