Tools/map/environment does not show

I just started at this site and SPOD (Natural Studio 6.3.9) was installed for me. Now trying to map the mainframe environment, the menu entries tools/map/environment and tools/map/application are both grayed out.
Nobody here remembers what to do about it although they remember it happened before. I compared all ini and cfg files and can’t see anything wrong with them.
I do have a workaround: a little program stacking the MAP command but I should not need that.
Does anyone know what to do about the grayed items?


Hi Jan,

When Natural Studio was installed, was the check box for "Natural Development Client (SPoD) marked?

Best regards,

Hi Mogens,

don’t have a clue if that was marked, but your remark caused me to check the installation log, and I found:

13:45:42 AskSetupType    Incoming Setup type: Compact
13:45:44 ItsNatural      --> BEGIN -->
13:45:44 ItsNatural      Natural
13:45:44 ItsNatural      <--- END <---
13:45:44 AskSetupType    Compact
13:45:44 AskSetupType    <--- END <---


13:47:07 WriteFeatures   Feature 'Mainframe Navigation' unselected

This looks suspicious enough, so I am going to ask to reinstall everything, and I will look over his shoulder to see what is done.


Hi Jan,

You can also run the installation (setup.exe) over the current installation and select modify. Here you can select ‘SPoD’.

Best regards,