Session Parameters

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Can any one throw some light on session parameters please, I think Steve can help me on this. I need to know about the different types of session parameters ans their uses :smiley:

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There are many ā€œparametersā€ in Natural.

Many are ā€œfield levelā€ parameters. For example, DISPLAY NAME (AD=I) which would intensify NAME; INPUT #OPTION (AD=M) which would make this field Modifiable, etc.

Then there are ā€œstatement levelā€ parameters. For example, DISPLAY (IS=T) field1 field2 field3 would turn Identical Suppress (which can also be a field level parameter) ON for all fields in the DISPLAY.

Then there are FORMAT statements which control ā€œobject levelā€ parameters. For example ZP=OFF which turns the printing of zeroes off.

SET GLOBALS spans objects for parameters, many of which are the same as those which can be changed by FORMAT statements.

All of the above are examples of ā€œsession parametersā€. There are also ā€œprofile parametersā€. For example DTFORM=I which sets the display of dates to the form YYYY-MM-DD.

Look up parameters in the online documentation.

Then, get yourself to a Natural class.


Please have a look at naturalā€™s ā€œParameter Referenceā€ā€¦