How to use hostLogin.jsp?

What are the steps to use hostLogin.jsp? Can it be used with an instant application?

Hi Joan,

The purpose of hostLogin.jsp is to deal with situations where the host requires host-username and host-password and they are different for every user.
The page “knows” how to deal with changing passwords when they are expired. You can customize its appearance but the logic of the page must be kept.
If the host requires username and password that can be used by all users you can simply define it on the application level either in the administrator’s application configuration dialog (security tab) or in the framework’s configuration editor under the “additional…” section.
Using the hostLogin page has nothing to do with instant or generated applications. It shouldn’t matter.
Please NOTE: hostlogin.jsp was created in order to work with Natural UNIX protocol to perform login when a dynamic user name and password is required. Further information can be found in the “Applinx Frameworks Developers Guide”.

That’s exactly what I want to do. I need to pass the userid to Natural (UNIX) because the application uses this id to apply apllication level security. I changed the index.jsp to use hostLogin.jsp instead of gxfirstpage.jsp. Then I click connect the login page does appear but clicking the button does nothing. Shouldn’t there be some java code behind this page?

Hi Joan,
I checked it here and you are more then right.
This is indeed a bug and we will fix it for the next HF which will be out within the first 2 weeks of April.
Another option for you is to use Applinx version from 523 or earlier since I checked it and the problem won