Simplifying logging off

Good day,

When logging off after clicking on the Logoff link on he host emulated page, the default web application redirects user to the error.jsp with the message saying the session was disconnected by the host, i.e. 5018.

Some users although do not want to see this technical message, but instead be redirected to the login page to reconnect later without additional navigation.

Replacing the error.jsp content with window.location.replace(logoff.jsp) helps to land user on the hostLogin.jsp with the ApplinX session disconnected, however the url remains z_container.jsp preventing the consequent login.

GXLogoffHandler JS function in z_resourceReader.jsp?res=z_jsengine/z_logoff.js from where the alternative redirect would be considered, appears concealed inside the GX framework …

Will appreciate an advise how to achieve the desired navigation effect.

Thank you


I think I found some working solution that am now testing - adding java script function that loads logoff page by simulating the click on the Logoff hyperlink when the error page is just loaded.

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