Redirect url in natural

How terminate session and after redirect ulr for page login in Natural for ajax??

Hi Cleyton,

you have several options to do this. Here are 2 suggestions:

  1. Have a custom disconnect page. When a session is terminated - for instance from your Natural program - per default a redirect to the disconnect page is done. You can have a custom disconnect page, in which you for instance add a button “To Logon page” and then redirect to the logon page when the button is pressed. You can also do an automatic redirect without button if you add an adapter listener to the disconnect page.

  2. If you have exactly 1 page with a “Logout” button, you could add an adapter listener to this page. When the button is pressed you would do a redirect to the logon page using the Java API.
    Use method openPageInTarget or openCISPageInTarge with _top.

Solution 1) is a general redirect whenever the diconnect page is called. Solution 2) just applies to a specific page of your application.

Is one of the solution suggestions an option for you?

Best Regards,