A redirection to another URL

Hello all,

I search a method to open in the same windows an another absolute adress from my applinx application.

In fact, in the applinx screen, I want to put a button “Go to external application”

I tried a javascript method as

       window.open("http://externalServer/AnotherApplication.html", "_self");

but , with IE, we keep the same adress “http://myapplinx/z_container.jsp” and there are some problem of securities.

Best Regards

Hi Bernie,

ApplinX framework is built with a frameset on top (z_container) and that’s the reason that you didn’t completely left the framework by using “_self”. Instead you should use “_parent”.
Another thing is that in the case of going to another location or closing the window, the framework by default will ask the user if he sure that he want to leave the page as this will disconnect the session. If you would like to prevent this message and disconnect the session automatically, you should uncheck the checkbox “Request confirmation to disconnect when browser is closed” in the framework configuration editor (screenshot attached).

Hope it helps

Thank you Assaf.

I forget to tell you that I am with an old applinX 5.x.x (not the 8)
I must try the “_parent”.


assaf, you’re a genious,

Big thanks.