Password change and Password Expiration in ApplinX generated Web Application

We are using ApplinX in our Windows environment where we generated .NET website with hostLogin.aspx page. This website connects to Natural/Unix/Adabas host application situated on UNIX. We are currently experiencing 2 problems related to passwords.

  1. When User Password expires on Unix the ApplinX doesn’t recognize it and it lets the user go in with old password. It is the same either with hostLogin.aspx page or from SAG designer Security tab.
  2. When we use hostLogin.aspx page and try to change user password by using 4 fields: User ID, Old Password, New Password and Confirm New password - we get errors and unable to change password through hostLogin page.
    The illustration of the problem is attached.

Please help!
NewPasswordChange.docx (134 KB)

Hi Yelena,

Have you looked into the “Appendix C: Natural for UNIX Installation” section of the product documentation?
Specifically you need to implement the UserExit1 function.
If the key UserExit1 is defined in the configuration file, the function apx_CheckUsernameAndPassword is responsible for checking the user name and password. If a new password is received, user exit 1 is also responsible for changing the password.
These are the steps you should take:

  1. Implement the logic inside /environ/apxexuex/apxuserexit1.c
  2. Compile the file
  3. Enable the userexit1 in the apxsrvd.conf file and make sure it points to the compiled file.

Hope this helps, let me know if you need further clarifications.


Hi Gadi,
Thank you for your response. I asked my colleague on UNIX environment to execute the steps that you’ve identified. Unfortunately it did not lead to any results. I even stopped/started SAG ApplinX Server on windows and IIS website.
My colleague then tried to restart the ApplinX daemon on UNIX with new settings and it failed. I am attaching his email as well as config file.
Can you please advise what’s missing?

I also wanted to ask if apx_CheckUsernameAndPassword you are referring to is part of UNIX or part of GXFramework.dll on Windows?

Please review the attachement and advise.


apxsrvd.conf (364 Bytes)
RonEmailUserExit.txt (7.51 KB)

Have you guys been able to implement password change with ApplinX with Unix Natural backend?