Cannot change password on Nat. Security DCOM .NewPassword

Hi people, this is my first message on this forum, and i`m needing help on the property .NewPassword on DCOM Object to change the user Password on Natural Security.

The example code used in Delphi 6 is shown below, and i tried to make the same on ASP and ASP.Net but this is not working:

Tanks a lot in advance!!!

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
numeroCPF : String[11];
nomeCand : String[60];
flagErro : String[01];
msgErro : String[79];
objEntire : Variant;
objEntire := CreateOleObject(‘EOL.COTIN00’);
objEntire.ServerAddress := ‘’;
objEntire.NaturalLogon := ‘Y’;
objEntire.UserID := ‘USER0001’;
objEntire.Password := ‘PSW0001’;
objEntire.Library := ‘NATWIN’;
objEntire.Newpassword := ‘blabla’;


objEntire.SPROVA05(numeroCPF, nomeCand, flagErro, msgErro);


Hi Guilherme,

with the NewPassword property you can change the password of the user authenticated by Broker (in case you are using EntireX Security).

How to change the Natural Security password is described in

Hi Rolf, tank a lot for the reply.

I`ve created the idl as shown in the documentation, but getting an error:

Error: 1014 1696 SAGCRPW 9999 NAT1696 Logon to library SAGCRPW for user DETR0483 denied, reason 7, NAT0806. Lib=SAGCRPW, Pgm=SAGCRPW

Its necessary to have this library on my host? I tryed to find it but not found.


Tanks a lot and best regards.

Hi Guilherme,

what version of EntireX are you using on Windows ? This functionality is only available with 7.3 or 8.0.

hi Rolf, im using the version.

Have any other way to make this? At the Natural documentation i found the USR2074N and USR2074P sub-program and program on the SYSEXT library.

Can i use it creating one idl with the parameters used by this application?

Tanks a lot!!!

You need to be aware that EntireX 7.2.1 on Windows is out of support …

I think it might be possible for you to write a subprogram which calls the mentioned user exit and gets invoked via RPC. The only drawback of this solution is that you can call it only as long as the password has not expired.

Hi Rolf,

Tanks for your solution, ive made an idl with the parameters of the USR2074N on SYSEXT and it work clean !!!

Its realy that it cannot be change if the password has expired, so i will distribute the users with noexpire option enabled.

I will talk with the CEO about the upgrate to the 7.3 or 8.0 version to help work be better.

Tanks a lot and best regards!!!