Passing EntireX Security and Natural Security parameters

Does anyone have a generic class module and/or code snippet of how to pass user id and password for EntireX Security and Natural from a VB client to mainframe using EntireX Communicator and broker?

Thanks in advance!

Assuming you are using the DCOM wrapper and VB6 or ASP (not .Net), you can use VBScript such as:

dim obj
set obj = Server.CreateObject(“EOL.TESTRPC”)
’ EntireX Security logon
obj.UserID = “USER00” 'Request.Form(“USERID”)
obj.Password = “PWD” 'Request.Form(“password”)
’ if RPC server has LOGONRQ=ON, NaturalLogon must be Y. Optional otherwise
objCalc.NaturalLogon = “Y”
obj.RpcUserID = obj.UserID
obj.RpcPassword = “NSSPWD”

dim result
’ invoke DCOM object to invoke RPC to call function on mainframe Natural
result = obj.DCOM001()

objCalc.MYPROG operator, result

" & result)

Thank you Douglas.

Hi LaJuan and Douglas. Im new on this forum, can you help me with the property .NewPassword on DCOM objects? Im using this but didnt work.

I posted one topic on this forum at the address:

Im writted one little code on Delphi, ASP and ASP.Net to change the password on Natural Security via DCOM.NewPassword but this not work.

Tanks a lot in advance!!!

Best regards.