Natural Authentication through Web Service

I’m writing an ASP.Net web application that consumes an EntireX web service. The RPC has a username and password set up for its own authentication, but I need to be able to pass the username and password of whichever user has logged onto the web page to the mainframe to check that they have access and are using the correct password.

I’ve used a broker before in this manner, passing the username and password to the broker, but I can’t figure out how do so through the web service.

Any help would be much appreciated.

How is the authentication being done on the server side? EntireX, NATURAL, SAF-based product, something else?

Also - which version of EntireX are you using? v7.3 and later provide more support for passing authentication.

I’ve not got any access to the XMLRPC servelet. I created the Natural subprograms that the service communicates with, the IDL files, XMM files, and WSDL files. What I do know is that there was a userid and password created on the mainframe that the EntireX XMLRPC servelet uses to authenticate itself with the mainframe. I also know that the broker that the RPC uses is a secure AFC2 broker.

I’m checking into what version of EntireX is being used, and I’ll post that information as soon as I get it.


while checking versions. verify what version XML RPC Servlet is, since it doesn’t have to be the same as the Broker.

The version for both is 7.3.3.

Again, thanks for the help.

Parameters can be supplied from the xml-init.xml file from the XML RPC Servlet or as HTTP headers. Parameters are described here: - the relevant ones are exx-userID, exx-password and exx-rpc-userID, exx-rpc-password (exx-rpc=natural security credentials; others are ACF2/RACF credentials).