ssh support in Unix

Is it supported ApplinX with Natural/Unix on ssh protocol? The documentation says yes. But I did not find the option to use it in the tool.

ApplinX does not support the SSH in Natux. Only the authentication is possible to define

Are there any plans to implement SSH with Unix Natural in the near or far future?

no, there are no such plans. However, it is possible to open an enhancement proposal with the customer use case

hope it helps

Tanya - thanks for the info. I think we can live without SSH for now. I have another issue that you can probably help me with.

We are running ApplinX on windows accessing Natural on Unix via Natural-unix protocol. We have a few functions which submit batch jobs from the online applications. In other words, the application invokes Natural in the backround to create some report files. These functions are working well when we access the application through our standard emulation software sunch as EntireConnection but do not work when we access the app through ApplinX. Any help would be appreciated.

Dal Multani


We would need a bit more details to understand what the problem is:
Can you please send us a trace file of the ApplinX session? GXZ, GCT, some screenshots of how exactly do you execute from the EntireConnection?
Are you using the NDT (data transfer) from the framework or are you trying to invoke it from the workbench?
Which APX version are you using?



Hi Tanya - I have fixed the problem. It, in fact, was not an ApplinX issue. I had to alter the Unix script that submits batch Natural job. Thanks for your offer to help.