User Status:IGNORED

Dear all,

When I finish all the configuration with one partner in TN,the outbound file has been sent out successfully.Document type,sender and receiver are recognised,but user status is always IGNORED when get 997.I have checked the processing rule,it’s no problem.Who could tell me what’s mean of ‘IGNORED’ in TN?Thank you very much.

What was the actual document type is it X12 4010 997? Do you have rule setup for this transaction?

IGNORED user status indicates TN Default Rule was selected since there was no other custom processing rule setup for that triplet sender/receiver/doctype… (check the rules and if you feel it needs the setup then do it accordingly per triplet mentioned above:

Nothing to worry about!



When you say, checked the processing rule… which processing rule you checked… do you have any processing rule configured for inbound 997 from partners? what’s the action defined in processing rule… Generally there is no action required on 997 so it might be executing default processing rule which is confgured to set the status “ignored” for transactions.

hi Michelle66688

i experienced the same problem like you user status=ignored. the reason for the problem is if your processing rule is placed below the default rule this problem exists in order to resolve this issue just move processing rule above to the default processing rule and your issue would be resolved.


I agree to the above comments. Most of the times we can see UserStatus=IGNORED when default processing rule gets selected. Please check your settings in TN again.