BizDocAttribute UserStatus is required in a process, but no definition is available..

Hi, I am able to trigger a business process using TN doc. However, it keeps throwing an exception saying “BizDocAttribute UserStatus is required in a process, but no definition is available on this server.” Although in the Bizdoc status is being populated… Does anyone know how to get rid of this exception? Tks.

Is that error causing any processing issue or it shows up in the server log?

Are you using changeStatus somewhere and not passing value?



Thanks for your quick reply. It’s not causing processing issues. It just shows up in the server log and I am trying to get rid of it. I did check the TN Processing rules. The Change User Status is disable. Is there any other place I can check? Thank you.

check in your processing logic (implemented IS Service) probably you are trying to change the document (bizdoc) on TN… whats eventually happening your processes… is it getting completed? or falining for some errors??


Some times you can ignore those msgs from the server log and depends on the logging level it puts internal entry to it which we can’t correlated.As long as you don’t have any runtime errors/issue in processing doc to the target that should be fine.


Hi RMG, yup I know these msgs in server log is not critical, but I am just trying to get rid of them since we will have lots of process triggered from modeling. I am just afraid these unncessary messages will decrease the server performance. I did try to change the logging level to 0 in my webmethods; however, the same type of msg was populated in server log again. :frowning: