Custom delivery task stays in PENDING status forever - possible fix

Fix level: MAT_10.5_MWS_Fix8
When creating your own custom delivery service by creating it and registering it and calling it
If you use to change your biz doc user status inside your own registered delivery service causes the delivery task to stay in PENDING state forever.
Mapping the user status and then calling works fine.

Make sure that you use input signature specification reference: at the top of the input/output tab (at the top - not in the input or output panes). I also set the value of the “output” to empty or something and map the status, statusMessage and transportTime accordingly.

Hi Martin,

are there any Fixes applied to IS itself or TradingNetworks?
You only have mentioned an ActiveTransfer-Fix in your post.

When using a service signature as a reference, the input and output are automatically defined from the content of the signature.
These variables can then be used in the flow service mapping as usual.


Hello Holger

Thanks for reading my post.

I think the patch level is enough – similar issues were already addressed in ver 6. - looking at the posts on the net.

I resolved this by not using inside the registered delivery service (Custom FTP with login, put and logout).

I replaced it with after mapping the new user status in the bizdoc.

Using leaves the delivery task “PENDING” for some reason, while does not and I get status “DONE” on success.

Kind regards

Martin Björses