edibatch (delivery service) in queue


Scenario : I should be able to to batch all my 810 which are created one at a time and are sent to tn ( just the transactions so Tn has X12 4010 810 docs) for some x mins.

Solution: I have created a public queue and added that to the partners queue for delivery and the delivery service is EDIBATCH.


The docs are getting queued but arent delivered back to TN with a batch.

but strangely the TPA of that partner is throwing an error when opened " the profile may be deleted". after couple of refreshes the partners name is changed to some unique value( internal values i guess)…

Did anybody has the same issue or better solution for batching the EDI docs.

using wM 8.0.1 version on AIX


Did you also check in the scheduler page wm.tn.queuing:deliverBatch Status as Active for that Target?..


Hey RMG …I thought I replied for this the same day. Thanks for ur reply.

The scheduled service is active and the service is running per schedule as well.

Some how this strange behavior is still happening but batching process is running fine as well.

So coming back to my previous question.

IF i have to write a delivery service for batching… I get tasks for that queue using
“wm.tn.queuing:listQueuedTasks” and after the tasks are batched and sent to TN back again then I am trying to update the task status to sucess from QUEUED.
How do i do that?tried to run teh service “wm.tn.queuing:updateQueuedTask” it erros with exception
“updateQueuedTask may only be invoked for tasks that are currently being processed from a DeliveryQueue. This task has a status of QUEUED.”

The status gets updated only when “wm.tn.queuing:updateQueuedTask” is invoked after “wm.tn.queuing:getQueuedTask” . is that right.


After the delivery task (Task Status= DONE and Task Type=Delivery) indicates completed it should update Processing Status to DONE by TN internally from QUEUED status. Did this help?


OK.Here is the details process.

  1. Just the 810 transactions ( ST’s) as X12 4010 810 doc types are sent to TN .
    2)processing rule that is set for this doc type and delivery as Scheduled for a receivers queue.
    3)have a custom delivery service for the receiver.

delievery service:

i/p : queue name.

loop over tasks and create a ST string list
wm.tn:receive (send the batched edi databack to Tn and it has its own processing rule from then).

but after the above flow(delivery service) is processed successfully the tasks processing status is not changed to DONE automatically .

Any better idea’s to batch the transactions.


Will get back if any clue…but not used receiver’s queue and configured EDI Batch 810 delivery registered queue)

But you should mainly use:

wm.tn.queuing:getQueuedTask (i/p queue name)
wm.tn.queuing:updateQueuedTask (i/p Task/taskId,status=success) based on this it updates Processing Status i believe of your put/sendToVAN service.


Sure and Thanks for you time. Appreciate it.

the wm.tn.queuing:getQueuedTask can help me solve the above problem as I mentioned but doesnt look pretty. :slight_smile:

Thanks Again.

Just curious vkram how you sent just an 810 ST to TN and had it recognized without a GS/ISA segment? Did you create a custom flat file doc or did you provide sender/receiver in the TN_parms, etc?

The document type already exists to the transaction level as X12 4010 XXX(810,850,etc…) in TN.

So I am creating a bizboc with data/content,doc type ,sender and receiver and routing the bizdoc to TN.


Yes thanks, in your case you have to provide the sender/receiver since it can’t recognize that from just an ST segment. But it saves you the trouble of creating an ISA/GS especially if you are batching it later, so you only have to do it once.


Are you using custom batching ? If yes ,I would like to know the process you followed.


I need to batch outbound 850s so I’m thinking about doing this:
-wrap each ST with ISA/GS then send to TN.
-set up processing rule and public queue to queue outbound 850s
-use built in batch service which will batch (re-envelope) and resend to TN
-the batch file will trigger a final rule which ftps to VAN or wherever

questions I have are:
-is this the best way, should I just send ST to TN with bizdoc and sender/receiver as you do?
-how does TN know that the batch is different than the regular 850 if I use an ISA/GS for each 850
-are there issues with built in batch service where i would have to write my own custom processing?

Also right now I’m getting the 850 to go into queue but 2 extra docs one X12 Envelope and one X12 group that are being ignored and triggering error emails (our default rule).