using built-in EDI batch: SOLUTION

Okay I’ve been asking a few times about using the built-in EDI batching services but it seems no one’s really used it, so with a bit of tinkering I believe I have figured it out.

First I added the ISA/GS headers to the individual ST segment (for PO). Then I send the PO to TN with ISA/GS so that it has the sender/receiver. This is split in TN into 3 separate docs, one for X12, Group and 850. I have a rule on the 850 which puts it into a public queue. The queue calls the built-in EDI batch scheduled delivery service.
For the inputs to this batch service I could only get it to work by providing the sender and receiver ID (duns with qualifier 01). Based on the docs it should get it from the ISA header but it’s not doing that at this point.
The batch is sent to TN. Then I have a second rule on the batched X12 envelope, but the key is to use Extended criteria field ‘EDI Batch’ so put ‘EDI Batch equals none’. This is how TN differentiates between the individual envelopes for each txn and the actual batch. When the X12 is sent as a batch it will have the attribute EDI Batch set to ‘Interchange’.

Hope that helps someone.

We were trying to say you this thing only…
but its good that you researched it, and came to know…you will never forget its concept now…:slight_smile:

nobody mentioned the edi batch variable, etc


On my personal experience, I have rules, which have none of the Extended criteria for the EDI Batch, then also it is working…
Thats why, it is not mentioned, otherwise would have done.

how did you get it to work without the extended criteria? did you use a custom flat file for each individual transaction?

Yes, have used custom logic for that…so that it works same as EDI Batch.

But you are on right track Sir…:slight_smile:

Yes my post was for people wanting to use BUILT IN services not custom. If you send the txn with an ISA/GS then you have to differentiate between the individual txn envelope and the batch envelope using the extended criteria I mentioned.

Yes…could you help in one thing,
In this, buddy said to delete or archive the data…
What should be done…??

please don’t hijack this thread but maybe this will help

Sure sir…dont worry…will read it take idea…
Thanks for helping…

For those coming upon the thread in the future, the wm EDI for TN docs mention this variable in describing how to do batching. :happy:

I have used the built-in batch service successfully on multiple projects. It’s really the only option for batching.

yes i meant on this site :slight_smile: I had asked how to differentiate between X12 batch and X12 transaction since they would look basically the same. Sorry I’m under extreme time pressures on this project and I feel the docs aren’t the greatest as I like to see a step by step process versus scattered explanations.

What all steps you did so far Batching setup (handler/registering services,TN rules,Pub Queues) and where you are stuck at?

So that forum users can assist your accordingly.


I did mention it in my first post to your original message:

“4. The batch process adds an attribute to the batch document that can be used to identify the batch X12. Keep in mind, the rules will be looking at X12 envelope, not 850s.”

Sorry I didn’t have the exact name listed nor did I describe how to use it in the rule. Next time I’ll try to provide a bit more guidance on how to gather the needed info. In any case, I’m glad you were able to work it out.

I have it working. Thanks for everyone’s help.

Glad to hear you got it working…