User Interface & User Management missing in MWS

Hi Team,

I installed 8.2.2 MWS in my laptop and logged in as sysadmin & some how I deleted the User Interface & User Management portal pages. Now when I login as Administrator I am not able to see any of the MWS default pages. Please help me on this and how to restore my Administrator pages.

Satish :cry:

Did you add any new directory services other than the ‘system’ directory service? If so, I recommend logging in a sysadmin and verify that the ‘system’ directory service is the first item in directory search order. It’s possible that you are logging in as a different “Administrator” than the system/Administrator.

That screenshot shows issues beyond just missing UI and User Management pages, as you are not seeing the correct skin and shell for the Administrator user, which is normally determined by role membership.

You may opt to reinstall the MWS, and use another new MWS database to have a fresh setup again…
Do use Database Component Configurator to create a new MWS DB instance