Upgrade jre

Hello I am currently running Integration Server 6.5

I need to upgrade our jre from 1.42_12 to 1.6

As anyone had any issues in doing this?

What are some of the things i need to keep in mind when upgrading?

I have only done this once before and I want to make sure I dont blow anything up.:eek:

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

When i was doing that i almost forgot that we have to change to the new location for TN. To do this go to packages\WmTN\bin directory, open the setcp.bat or setcp.sh file in a text editor, and make sure the file points to the new JRE Location.

Also, keep in mind that you will have to unregister and re-register the windows services after making the changes to the server.bat, if this is on a windows box.

Add the new JRE Location to the windws PATH variable in the advanced Variables section.


Do the system requirements docs on Advantage say that 6.5 is supported running under 1.6? If you run into problems and 1.6 isn’t on the official list, tech support won’t help you. Just something to verify.

Yes, i almost forgot, Rob is right.

Just stay on 1.4/1.5 build itself and 1.6 is not officially supported…

Could be with IS 8.0 it is.


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