Critical Software Update --- Anouncement by webMethods

Change in webMethods’ JDK Support Policy with Respect to IBM:

Notwithstanding certain performance and other advantages presented to our customers from their use of the IBM JRE, regrettably we have concluded that we can no longer recommend IBM’s Java Technology on Windows to many of our customers. IBM does not support its Java Technology on Windows other than for use with IBM applications and/or hardware. webMethods has found it challenging to continue to support the IBM JRE given these limitations. Accordingly, going forward, we recommend that our customers standardize on the default Sun JVM for all webMethods components running on Windows.

To the extent practicable, we will continue to support our customers running the IBM JRE throughout their transition to the Sun JDK; however we will no longer make it available as part of our installation process for webMethods Integration Server and Manager Server 6.5.1, effective June 16, 2006. A similar announcement regarding webMethods Integration Server 6.1 and Manager Server 6.1.5 will be posted next month. Future releases of webMethods software will ship with the Sun JDK as the default for all components on Windows, and will not include the IBM JRE.

Affected webMethods Components

Integration Server 6.5 GA (build 394)
Integration Server 6.1 GS (build 132)
Manager Server 6.5.1 GA (build 21)
Manager Server 6.1.5 GS (build 091704)

Please click on following link for detailed info:

Details on how to migrate from IBM 1.4.2 JRE to Sun 1.4.2 JRE for IS 6.5.–Redirect_Integration_Server_6.5_and_Manager_Server_6.5.1_to_Use_Sun_JDK_1.4.2.txt