Changing of Java Version in WM 6.1 version

Hi ,

I am using 6.1 Version it supports java 1.4.2 version,i need to replace it to latest version of java 1.6.3,can any one help me how to replace the new version of java in wm 6.1 version.

Anil Kumar Ellendula

Update the (server.bat) with your new JRE.

The newest version of Java supported by Integration Server 6.1 is 1.4.2. (If someone has found information on Advantage indicating that a newer version is supported, please post it).

IS 6.1 no longer has development support and enters EOM later this year. Would suggest updating to a newer version as soon as reasonable.

Thanx for reply Awebmg,so only need to chage path and classpath in server.bat file what about JVM folder in IS,need replace this with new version of jvm,can you tell me steps need to follow to upgrade new version.

I would strongly suggest that you don’t upgrade the JVM beyond 1.4.2 when using IS 6.1. If you run into any trouble, even unrelated to JVM issues, wM support will not help you unless you reproduce the problem using 1.4.2.

You may no need to touch the jvm folder under IS. Just update the your server.bat with the new java path and restart the IS, that should take care of. But, as Rob mentioned its not preferable to use the higher java for lower IS.

Only WM Developer 6.1 and 6.5 have a “troubles” (not full repainting of property editor, and frequent hangups) running on Java different than 1.4.2.
I think, Broker’s configuration scripts like Java 1.4.2 also. Broker process not need Java at all.

Here is my posts:

There was no problem with IntegrationServer 6.1 sp2 and 6.5 sp2 on my development environment, but on production it may be risky without proper load/unit tests, and this lack of support of this configuration from Software AG is also drawback.

Don’t forget to change Your watt.server.compile and watt.server.compile.unicode parameters to point to proper javac executable in config/server.cnf file directly or from WmRoot web console.