Changing the JVM Version

I have a question regarding JRE versions of the Integration server. Our 7.1 installation runs on Java 1.5. Now we have a thirdparty jar which has been compiled with Java 1.6. So when we try to use this jar, webMethods complains about the different versions. So we downloaded jdk1.6 and copied as “linux160” directory (under /opt/webmethods/jvm). Then we changed the extended settings in integration server accordingly. But this also doesn’t solve the problem. Is there a workaround?


Please update your extended setting changes.

actually we did the change in extended setting. but it still doesn’t solve the problem.

Try updating the file in IS_Directory/IntegrationServer/bin to update the JVM version of IS.

I think, in this case You must force IntegrationServer to run on Java 1.6.
You may do it by changing $WM_HOME/IntegrationServer/bin/ (bat)

Here is more:

Very important ! Using JDK 6 remember to add also in:


or server.bat:

set JAVA6_ISSUE=-Dsun.lang.ClassLoader.allowArraySyntax=true


Has anyone upgraded their IS instances to use JVM 1.6?
Are there any tools/packages used to test such a JVM upgrade to version 1.6?


update and to point the java home directory…

I do, but not in production environment (lack of support of JVM 1.6 from SoftwareAG).
I don’t know about any build-in self-test in IS, but You must somehow test Your integration code anyway - maybe You alone have sufficient test set, to be sure it working.

Of course, in bin/ / bin\server.bat JAVA_DIR must be set:

If You using jcode, bin/ / bin\jcode.bat should also be modify in that way.

There may be a need for additional change - in file: config/server.cnf.
Two lines should look like this:
watt.server.compile=/bin/javac -classpath {0} -d {1} {2}
watt.server.compile.unicode=/bin/javac -encoding Unicode -classpath {0} -d {1} {2}
This file is editable from from WWW console (WmRoot) also.

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