Updating Document Definition...what do I do with existing services using that DT?

We use webMethods 6.5 (so I am working with webMethods Developer). I need to make changes to a flat file DT (add fields to the end of one record) and I have successfully done this in our DEV environment by updating our Dictionary and then recreating the DT. However, before I create a package and send the release to our QA env I’d like to know what will happen to existing services that currently utilize that flat file DT (I ASSUME that since it is adding fields there will be no problem?).

Also, on a side note, a release has already been created and it may already contain the files necessary…is there any way to see what files are contained in the release using IS?


the existing services that reference the record will auto update the reference.

The release is just a zip file, you can unzip it and see what’s inside