Data Disappear in Flat File Dictionary

We had couple of very weird experiences that all the data we created or migrated from old EDI template in the dictionary disappeared. Two times happened when we came back second day in the morning, all the data were there the day before were gone. One time even happened on the same day within the same open Developer session, after I finishing test the created FF schema, and went to create a simple flow service to reference the document type created from that schema, then all the field definitions, record definitions disappear. This pappened to me and my colleague.

We just wonder if any of you had any similar experience or not and who can help us to understand why this is happening to us.

We are using webMethods IS server Version 6.01 with SP2. This happened both before and after the service pack was applied.

Don’t feel bad it’s a bug.
The schema editor will sometimes not let you save your changes or it says the changes are saved but when you get out and get back in it has reverted back to the previous values. I noticed this especially on renaming fields. It’s seems better to delete and recreate.

Hopefully they get it right in 6.1 due out this fall.

I’ve run into similar ‘save’ bugs in the developer tool since back to webMethods 3.0 (first release of current developer editor). My own problems have been resolved since moving to CVS from RCS (RCS used to write protect my files after checkin, so if I forgot to check out, it couldn’t write updates but the tool would say save was successful).

I found though that when errors did occur, even when it said successful, I could find out if there was any save errors by checking the webMethods error.log. Don’t know if this is still the case.

I have an Idoc generated from SAP R/3 system, I have some webMethods service which will take SAP Idoc as input and generate flatfile as output. I want to know how to test the webmethods service is working fine, during testing where all i need to check. What are the field i need to check in integration server/routing/transactions/tid. If any one have any idea please let me know.

Thanks in advance.