Migrating TN EDI docs to new environment

We are using webMethods 6.0.1 for EDI X12 integrations.

We are ready to move to our test environment, but need some advice on the proper procedure. Our main question is how to move the EDI schemas to the new environment. For example, in our Development environment, we have several EDI schemas underneath here:


These were created when we added EDI doctypes to TN via the WmEDIforTN homepage. When we move to our Test environment, do we need to re-add these EDI doctypes to recreate the webMethods schemas?

Please advise.

yes,you need to re-add the EDI doctypes and it will create Schemas like you did in the DEV.This is the normal way of migrating.



There’s another way. Our production environment is restricted and we try to avoid making browser-based changes. You can promote the schemas by creating a release from the WmEDIforTN package and installing it in your other environment.

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But using this way will EDI Doc types get installed in TN?Since we always tried to use from browser.

My practice is to always migrate the wmEDIForTN package by creating a release and we also migrate the doctypes from one environment to the next.
This holds true especially if you have modified the Dictionary for formatting reasons.


If there are any manual modifications in the Dictionary then we might follow the way as chris mentioned.But better way for this scenario is get a FIX from Support if there are any changes or bugs in the dictionary (example EDI 4060 have some space problem in the GS envelope of EDI version field) and install the EDI types from browser.

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There are a number of times that I found it necessary to modify the dictionary for the EDI Schemas. How do you handle numeric formatting issues within your EDI implementations. How do you solve missing codes? I have found repeated issues with this. What is your suggested solution?

Looking for alternate method.


I didnt get a chance to anytime to modify numeric formatting services in the Dictionary except some bugs in the dictionary which i stated in the my earlier post.

May be i agree with your method above as a temporary resolution.We have to ask tech support for alternate method for a flexible method.


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I need to install one fix for flatfile dictionary. But, I could not get fix files at any where to install in my IS. Please let me know how to get fix files and where we have to install those files.

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