To Modify Schema


How to modify the existing schema and document type in Webmethods. I have got an issue at work in which I need to add the extra segment to the existing schema

Any suggestions appreciable.

What type of Schema?

Yes, you can modify by making the link to source prop. to false, can you share the screenshots and fields you intend to add/update? Please note, as a best practice, the schema shared by the source or target we just consume them as-is.

Hi Neel,

In case if your schema and document type is of EDI type then copy schema/dictionary/schemaDT to your folder from WMEDIForTn package and do modification in your package instead of doing changes directly to the source schema.



I have to modify the above schema that is in the image displayed below and I have to add the N9 seg next to M10 seg.
Please give me some suggestions


It’s always in best to not customize the existing WmEDIforTN EDIFFSchema’s and also you won’t get support from SAG when any issue arise or chances are any new SP/Fixes might overwrite it.

Is the new M10 segment allowed as per the existing X12 T309DT standard?? Please consult with your EDI analyst also and SAG support if they can provide this missing segment in this TS (Customs Manifest)


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