Idoc Problem SAP BC wM


I’m not sure if I am in the correct area for this apologies if I am. I have a problem with converting an Idoc (ORDERS01) in that elements that we needed were not in the schema (the client is using a cut down schema)?

We made adjustments to the schema at E1EDP01 by adding E1EDPT1 & 2, but since doing so, when we run the flow in debug mode, E1EDP01 is bypassed?

Does anybody know why this is? Or what is the correct procedure for modifying a schema. I have always been led to believe that changing the schema is a no no, perhaps I am wrong?


Did you download Schema from for Orders. Modify the Schema
and try to create a record structure for the Schema.
Please check the hierarchy level for E1EDP01 in your schema and also for the E1EDPT1/E1EDPT2 both the segment should have the same heirarchy values of the parent segment ie E1EDP01.