Idoc Schema Definition

Hi Everyone,
I am working with the translation of IDOC to EDI X12. At the moment I need to get IDOC schema defition for 856 (DESADV, DELVERY02) and 810 (INVOIC, INVOIC02) in order to start to stranslate my mapping. I used to download IDOC schema defition from the website before but now it does not exist anymore.
Can anyone please help me to get this sort of information or anyone who can generate these schema definitions from SAP system?
Thank you very much for your time and lookforward for your respond

If I remember correctly, there are instructions in the SAP adapter documentation for retrieving IDoc schema definitions and installing them in IS.

Hi Rob,
Can you please tell me more specific on SAP adapter documemtation, where do I get this document?
It is possible that you can generate IDOC schema definition for Invoice 810 (invoic /INVOIC02) in SAP system?

Thank you very much for your help

You can get the related SAPAdapterUserguide.pdf documentation either from the IS/Packages/WmSAP/doc folder or dowload it from look under /BookShelf section



I am working with the company who only use EDIFACT and my project needs to translate from IDOC to EDI X12. As the company does not use SAP system so I can not get IDOC schema definition to work with EDI translation. So can you please send me an IDOC schema definition for Invoice 810(invoic/invoic02)? If you no some site which allow me to download that file please send a me direct link to that web site as I really need this file in order to complete my project.
I used to download Idoc schema definitions from the sap website but this site now no longer exist. So if anyone else who has this idoc schema definition please send it to me and I appriciate for your help alot.