IDoc types for EDIX12

I am looking for corresponding iDoc types for the following EDI x12 transactions: eg for x12 810 (Invoices) - iDoc type is INVOIC01.Where can I find it for the following transactions?

180 ;844;845;849;864;867;944;947;996 .

Also we are in our design phase and plan to write the mapping specs from iDocs to X12 in excel spreadsheets similar to what can be found on here:
[url=“ is for sale | HugeDomains”] is for sale | HugeDomains for 810 and 850. Is there any tool to do this also?



Check this link,for the basic procedure,

Download the SAP Schema repositories from this site [url=“SAP Software Solutions | Business Applications and Technology”]SAP Software Solutions | Business Applications and Technology and create the IDOC documenttypes in the Developer.


Thanks for showing me the procedure - but basically I dont even know which idoc to use for which EDI.At this point thats what I am looking for - eg:810 Invoice or billing document (also 880) -The logical message is INVOIC, the IDoc type INVOIC01.

Similarly I could find it out for 850’s and the more common transactions - I am not able to find it out for the others listed above.


Actually your functional folks or SAP guys can give you the right information what should be the target IDOC type and its version.

But in general these are the idoc types used in most of the environments for EDI-IDOC exchanges.

Say for 850(PO)/860(PO Change) it is ORDERS,
856(ASN or ShipNotice)-DESADV01,DELVRY01 etc…a few examples.