Converting IDOC PAYEXT to an 820 X12

glad I was able to find this thread. Are any of you guys familar with the IDOC, PAYTEXT? Do you know of any documentation I could find to help convert to an outbound 820 in an X12 format?

Thank you in advanced,

Unfortunately there will be no documentation can be posted here…Sorry!!

If you understand how the wM mapping works in general then you can acheive the IDOC-X12 mapping…Please search this forum on EDI or X12 keyword you will find lots of results on technical mapping issues etc…


thank you RMG, I will do that.


1) create routing rule in webMethods to receive IDOC
2) In routing rule, invoke flowservice.
3) In flowservice, invoke transformflatToHierarchy service to map your IDOC format data to IS document type.
4) one you mapped with IS document type, you can map to your EDI document…

to create IS documenttype of IDOC PAYTEXT:
1) get the DTD of IDOC PAYTEXT and create IS Document Type.

to create IS Document Type
1) select the package and right click new–> select IS document type and then DTD option, select your DTD files.