Update Manager in webmethod 10.1

Hi All
I have download free trial Webmethod version 10.1 and installed it. But seems lack of update manager package.
I wanna to ask whether with version 10.1 trial which removed update manager


From 10.X onwards, you have to download the Update Manager separately from Empower software downloads.

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Hii Mahesh,

Unfortunately this is a bad design now as you can only download an UpdateManager Installer there and my targets are not able to retrieve the installable used by the Installer due to lacking Internet access. This has already been discussed in other threads here in the community.

Or is the Windows Installer able to download an Installation image for Solaris which can be used with Unix-Installer to install on Solaris like regular installer do?

Currently this is one of the reasons why are migrating to 9.12 actually and not yet to 10.1.


Hello Holger,

Update Manager has been extracted from the SAG Installer distribution due to the different nature and the life-cycle of the 2 deployment tools.

SAG Installer has a specific different server-side version and the “client” is backward compatible with the older server versions.
Update Manager is “forward” compatible - it is released once with certain version (8.2.1, 9.8 and 10.1) and it is constantly self updating to the latest version of that specific release bus.

Mixing both worlds created a lot of problems, as various customers were destroying their SAG Installer environments by unintentionally selecting Update Manager from the “wrong” SAG Installer server version - there is a warning message about it, but it seems to be ignored.

And to finally answer your question:

Yes, you can create on Windows machine Update Manager image for any platform (including Solaris) that you can transport to your internal network and use with the Unix Update Manager installer. You can now actually combine in one image the installation of Update Manager and the actual fixes, while in the past you had to create 2 separate images to execute this scenario - one image with the Update Manager installation (strongly advised to be installed in to another product folder), second image for the fixes. With 10.x Update Manager you don’t need to install inside separate folder and you need only one image when making the deployment.

If you have more questions, I would be happy to answer.


Hello Veselin,

thanks for the explanation.

I will come back to this later when we are migrating to 10.x.
Currently we are preparing our Migration from 9.5 to 9.12.


Hi There! I am trying to create an image forupdate manager 10_1 for Linux env from Windows update manager Installer. It exits with error as follows:

| The code in the ‘exit_code.txt’ is: 171 - Read timed out - Error in communicating with the server
2018/10/19 15:48:01 FINEST | Trying to delete ‘.lock’ file: \bin.lock
2018/10/19 15:48:01 FINEST | Delete successfull
2018/10/19 15:48:01 SEVERE o====================================================o
2018/10/19 15:48:01 SEVERE Exit code: 171 Error in communicating with the server
2018/10/19 15:48:01 INFO |
2018/10/19 15:48:01 INFO | Exit from Launcher: 171
2018/10/19 15:48:01 INFO |

However, the Windows image for update manager got created successfully.
Could anyone help out please?



this look like a random network glitch and not general problem.

Can you try again and if the problem persists please open a support incident that includes all logs created during the attempt.


Thanks for your reply.

I tried this multiple times today. Will try again if its just a network glitch and check.



Its a checksum error this time.

2018/10/19 16:43:07 SEVERE o Message: Checksum mismatch. Server checksum is d8e9a8b195122219ee601b2d2a7e764e0e0f5c109e583f97011905a4806c7a23, while download checksum is dd40a0bfea5ede9a8ca13b9ae21813bfaf2b86c255fe385987561f5436f036d8:
2018/10/19 16:43:07 SEVERE o Exception: com.softwareag.plm.sum.client.launcher.exceptions.ChecksumMismatchException
2018/10/19 16:43:07 SEVERE o Stacktrace:
2018/10/19 16:43:07 SEVERE o com.softwareag.plm.sum.client.launcher.utils.Downloader.downloadFile(Downloader.java:201)
2018/10/19 16:43:07 SEVERE o com.softwareag.plm.sum.client.launcher.steps.AbstractDownloadAction.downloadOf(AbstractDownloadAction.java:50)
2018/10/19 16:43:07 SEVERE o com.softwareag.plm.sum.client.launcher.steps.AbstractDownloadAction.downloadComponents(AbstractDownloadAction.java:149)
2018/10/19 16:43:07 SEVERE o com.softwareag.plm.sum.client.launcher.steps.AbstractDownloadAction.run(AbstractDownloadAction.java:183)
2018/10/19 16:43:07 SEVERE o com.softwareag.plm.sum.client.launcher.steps.AbstractAction.begin(AbstractAction.java:81)
2018/10/19 16:43:07 SEVERE o com.softwareag.plm.sum.client.launcher.steps.StepManager.executeSteps(StepManager.java:124)
2018/10/19 16:43:07 SEVERE o com.softwareag.plm.sum.client.launcher.Launcher.main(Launcher.java:53)
2018/10/19 16:43:07 SEVERE o----------------------------------------------------o
2018/10/19 16:43:07 FINEST EXIT DownloadElementsForImageCreation < run()
2018/10/19 16:43:07 FINEST | Exit from check() method
2018/10/19 16:43:07 FINEST | The code in the ‘exit_code.txt’ is: 174 - Checksum mismatch. Server checksum is d8e9a8b195122219ee601b2d2a7e764e0e0f5c109e583f97011905a4806c7a23, while download checksum is dd40a0bfea5ede9a8ca13b9ae21813bfaf2b86c255fe385987561f5436f036d8 - Error in downloading of the components
2018/10/19 16:43:07 FINEST | Trying to delete ‘.lock’ file: \bin.lock
2018/10/19 16:43:07 FINEST | Delete successfull
2018/10/19 16:43:07 SEVERE o====================================================o
2018/10/19 16:43:07 SEVERE Exit code: 174 Error in downloading of the components
2018/10/19 16:43:07 INFO |
2018/10/19 16:43:07 INFO | Exit from Launcher: 174
2018/10/19 16:43:07 INFO |

Can we get any lead from above?
launcher3.log (37.8 KB)

Hi Priya,

It seems that the file, that the download of the Linux Java distribution was not successful. This can be seen in the log file on lines 454 and 455. You can check yourself if the file (jvm.zip) is broken (its location is printed on 453 line from the log file). The size of the file should be approximately 76.2MB. Do you have any antivirus software installed or Firewall turned on? These positively can be reasons for unsuccessful download of the file.

Best regards,