Update Manager Image

What product/components do you use and which version/fix level?

Integration Server 10.3

Are you using a free trial or a product with a customer license?

product with customer license

What are trying to achieve? Please describe in detail.

I need help to get the Update Manager Image, after i download the Update Manager Bootstrapper from Empower Software Download Center it doesn’t have an image only an .exe, where do we have to download the image of the Update Manager (not the Fix Image)?

Thank You

Yes, that is correct; the way Update Manager works has changed.

The bootstrapper installs the Update Manager (SUM) first. Then you use the newly installed SUM to download the image or install from Empower. This is similar to how you download and install Google Chrome, for instance - download a lightweight bootstrapper that installs the actual SUM core component.

You can read the documentation (link).
Remember to use the correct version of the bootstrapper, for 10.3 - Empower does indicate this clearly.


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Hi Mr. Kasi, we meet again, alright i figured it out after reading the information that you gave, successfully installed the Update Manager, now i’m looking for the fixes that i need for my IS and i will try to install it.

Additional question: if i have IS 10.7 on my local can i use the same bootstrapper?

Thanks Mr. Kasi

I trust that you’re keeping well, Vincent; glad that you worked it out.

No, there’s a different version for 10.5 or later as shown here on Empower -


Hello, i need your help again Mr. Kasi, I want to ask if this normal? because it’s been stuck like this showing no progress after more than 30 minutes

Since this is a new UI for you, I suggest that you follow the documentation on the steps, Vincent.
There is a step where you select the Update Manager image vs the Software AG Products image, which may seem confusing at first (I still get confused).

SUM usually updates itself first before letting you use it.
However, can you check the Update Manager logs in the background, to see if there’s a JVM update in progress? It should be under /<yourRootFolder>/SAGUpdateManager/logs unless you specified a different path.


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I followed the documentation steps, but it’s kind of different, it requires me to add a image file (where do i get initial image file) ? isn’t the purpose doing this thing to create an image file for fixes?

When this is the first time SUM is being used you will have to specify an image file name which will contain the SUM update components as well as the product fixes depending on the setting of the check box shown above.

After SUM has downloaded its own update components there should be a fix tree being shown where you can select the product fixes you are looking for.


Do read Holger’s response above.

To simplify, this is the to-be-created image’s file path, i.e., where do you want to store the image and what filename do you want to provide for it.


I tried to give the image file name (patchFix, do i give a wrong file name? does it have extension?) , but it’s been stuck like this now for like 1 hour, tried to check the logs file it was one hour ago when the update manager was launching, any idea?

this is how i put the image file name, is it correct?

I found this on the logs, i think because my directory has a space, that’s why it’s get stuck
‘D:\Programs\Update’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

Tried to change the directory, now the jvm logs got progress and its starts to have progress

Thanks Mr. Kasi and Mr. Holger

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