Uninstall webMethods 10.x in local(windows)

I’m trying to uninstall SoftwareAG webMethods on-prem 10.3 or later versions on windows machine. I don’t find the software details in Controlpannel–>Uninstall programs or start–>uninstall SoftwareAG webMethods.
In previous versions, I saw these options to uninstall and we do have installer/uninstaller to update or uninstall the software.
I doubt, deleting entire folder might not work due to port bindings and background dependancies.
Please help on best way to uninstall the 10.x version wM product(Free trial and purchased version).


did you check the startmenu for the program group related to your webMethods installation?
Please check under Services configuration if there are some Messaging related services (i.e. Broker or UM) have been leftover.

If there is nothing visible there, this might mean, that the uninstallation has already been done and it is safe to delete the folder afterwards.

If nothing seems to help, you can try an external uninstallation helper tool, which might be able to clean up leftovers after incomplete uninstallations.


Thank you Holger,
I checked all the possibilities to uninstall the software.
This might be a restriction from organization network in machine. Not sure whether they have hide option in control panel.
Will try with external uninstallation helper tool, of SAG uninstaller option.
Do we have any option to uninstall from SAG components(like Command central or installer or any other) ?.

Hi Praveen,

usually the Uninstaller is located under /bin directory and be directly invoked from there when it is not available via StartMenu or ControlPanel.
When starting from there remember to use right click → Start as Administrator to allow for removing the services from the registry.


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