Uninstall Missing

Since downloading I have had terrible problems with my PC. It may or may not be related but I want to uninstall then try again. However, the Windows control panel does NOT contain an uninstall option for ADABAS nor Natural. Clearly, the install must have gone wrong.

How can I uninstall? thx

In Control Panel’s Add or Remove Programs, all SAG’s products are listed under Software AG.

For Adabas I believe that you can simply delete everything from the installation directory. I don’t recall seeing any entries in the Registry.

For Natural, remove everything from the installation directory and look in the Registry for product entries under “Software AG” under “Software.”

You may want to wait for a response to this thread from Software AG before taking my advice. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the suggestions. I have deleted the folders and registry info you suggested. This seems to have worked. Gracias.