Problem with uninstalling EntireX

Hi Everyone,

I have previously installed EntireX 7.1.1, and applied patch 60. But the installation seemed to be corrupted (some of the functions didn’t work, and kept asking for the installation disk). Therefore, I decided to try to reinstall the software. I used the Add/Remove function of the Windows’ Control panel to uninstall SAG EntireX, but during the uninstallation process, the system kept complaining that it could not find the folder containing the installation package EX71160.msp. I did a search on my computer and couldn’t find this file anywhere. I then attempted to try to run the patch 60 again hoping that it’ll produce the EX71160.msp to make the system happy, but again, the installation is asking for the EX71160.msp.

What is the problem here, and what should I do to uninstall the software clearnly?

Chuong Tran

Please contact your Software AG support centre. They can help you with this type of issue.