00200379: API: Inconsistent Security Installation.

I was previously using Entirex 7.3.3 for connecting to the mainframe and getting data from there. This was on Windows XP and my .Net project referred to the SoftwareAG.EntireX.NETWrapper.Runtime.dll (v 7.3.4). I have installed Windows 7 Pro on my machine and had to upgrade my EntireX iInstallation to v8.1.x. When I run the same code, I get the error:
00200379: API: Inconsistent Security Installation.

My .Net project still has the same dll reference. What am I missing here? I am getting the error in the code where I am trying to call the Logon method in the broker. Please help.

If you are using the API Version below 8, you also need to have the older style EntireX Security selected during the install.

Or just upgrade to the newer API Version - it will automatically determine the security installation based on the Broker you are communicating with.

In the documentation, see Components of EntireX > EntireX Security > Installation and Getting Started > Setting up EntireX Security under Windows > Installing EntireX Security for Broker Stubs.

I read that post and in point 1 it says:

  1. When requested to specify the installation type, choose Custom and check the Security box.

I installed the software using the SoftwareAG installer (SoftwareAGInstaller80SP2.exe) which looks like the attached file. I could not find the option where its says “Custom”. Kindly let me know where can I find this.

Forgot to mention in my previous post, I cannot upgrade to the newer API as the server has the v7.3.x API version. I had to upgrade the local machine install as the previous versions of EntireX Workbench are not supported on Windows 7.

With EntireX 8.1 the secuexit.dll is located in \entirex\security_exit. You should add this directory to your PATH, or copy the dll to a directory which is already part of the PATH.

Hi Rolf,
I tried to run the code after putting the path for the security_exit and rebooting the machine, but still no luck. Do I have to have something else installed for this to work?

Thanks in advance for all the help.

Hhmm, without traces this would be just guessing.

I suggest that you contact support and provide (at least) a stub trace and (if possible) also a Broker trace.

I had a similar problem with System Management Hub and was told the same things to try…had the same problems with the installer too.

I contacted SAG support and was told the versions are not compatible. I can’t use EntireX v8.1 on the PC unless the mainframe is upgraded to v8.1…

“Once you upgrade to EXX811 on the mainframe then you can upgrade to EXX812 on the PC.
You shouln’t have any issues since these are supported versions and they have been tested.
R&D does not provide fixes for unsupported combinations like EXX73 on PC and EXX72 on the MF which are both out of support.”

In general this is definitely not true. You can mix different EntireX versions for the clients, servers, and the Broker. Of course you can only use the functionality of the minimum version which is used. There might be some documented scenarios where this does not apply what whenever possible this is avoided.

It would really be helpful to get some traces for the scenario described by dotnetuser, to check if this is a configuration or a product issue .