XML Tester and Broker Security

It would seem as though the XML Tester facility in the EntireX Workbench does not take any notice of whether EntireX security should be used or not. When invoking a secure Broker I get an error 0020 0379 even when specifying that security should be used. When security is taken off on the broker, then it works.

Hi Elsabe,

this might be an obvious question, but I will ask it anyway. Did you select the “Advanced” test environment, when you tested with the XML Tester? If you did, I would then assume that you selected the “EntireX Security” tab, selected the “Use EntireX Security” option and specified the user-id and password?

Which version of EntireX are you using? More specifically, which version of the Workbench and EntireX run time classes are you using?


Hi Theo

Yes I did all of that. I am using version of the workbench and I forgot to mention that I choose the “Use the Java Interface” option. The runtime classes according to the manifest file is Implementation-Version: with a date of 8/20/2003.

It may be relevant to mention that I had the same problem using the XMLInvokeRPC class until I moved the

 broker.useEntireXSecurity(encryption);</pre> to before the <pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre">     broker.logon(password); 

. After which it worked.

Hi Elsabe,

I think the problem is related to the current version of the entirex.jar file you are using. A lot of fixes were implemented and the most important patch levels to implement would be patch levels 30 & 31.

I also found a related problem on the ServLine24 database. According to the log (507572) the problem was resolved with a hotfix of the entirex.jar file of version EXX711PL31f.

I suggest you go to the latest path level (60). This should resolve your problem.


Thanks, I’ll try with the patch.