Cnnot Install Entirex 7.2.1

I originally tried installing version 7.1.1 on our Windows 2003 enterprise server. I got a wrong OS error when using the xml key I was supplied. I was then told to try 7.2.1. It now gives me an error 1608: Unable to create InstallDriver instance. Return code -2147024891.

I was able to install 7.2.1 on another 2003 Enterprise server but I have to install it on the original one which has the damaged installation. How do I remove the previous msi registry entries or files that the original failed install left so I can do a clean install?

I would encourage you to open a support request with Software AG support - you can use the online ServLine24 to enter your initial request or call the support phone number.

Douglas Kelly,
Principal Consultant
Software AG, Inc

I assume the 7.1.1 installation failed because you didn’t had a correct xml license file for this operating system.

Regarding the problem with 7.2.1 there exists a known InstallShield problem. Check this article. Please look especially at item (5). We have already seen exactly this situation before. If this doesn’t help you should contact support as suggested by Douglas.

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