problem in Installation of EntireX

hi all,

i am unable to install the EntireX on my Linux Machine(RedHat 8.0).
i have installed all the necessary utilities which are required by Entirex, like gcc compiler & utilities.

here is the result after each .rpm installation.

[1] [root]#rpm -i dcom-license-v6.2.1-0.rpm
this command works fine.

[2] [root]#rpm -i dcom-v6.2.1-0.rpm
Red Hat Linux release 8.0 (Psyche)
Startup at boot time: (DISABLED)
SuSE: enable it via YAST2 ‘Runlevel-Editor’
Red Hat: enable it via ‘Service Configuration’
mkdir: cannot create directory /exx/v621/tmp': No such file or directory<BR>chmod: failed to get attributes of /exx/v621/etc’: No such file or directory
chmod: failed to get attributes of /exx/v621/tmp': No such file or directory<BR>chmod: failed to get attributes of /exx/v621/reg’: No such file or directory
/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.40202: line 15: /exx/v621/INSTALL/exxenv: No such file or directory
error: %post(dcom-v6.2.1-0) scriptlet failed, exit status 1

[3] [root]#rpm -i dcom-sdk-v6.2.1-0.rpm
Could not find dcom directory
error: %pre(dcom-sdk-v6.2.1-0) scriptlet failed, exit status 1
error: install: %pre scriptlet failed (2), skipping dcom-sdk-v6.2.1-0

if anybody know the reason please let me know.

thanks in advance



during the time of the release of version 6.2.1, RedHat 8.0 wasn’t released. Therefor we do not know if it will work at all. We will test the installation. BTW, the free download version is NOT the officially supported version. It is just a trial version. The official 6.2.1 version is not released for RedHat 8.0.

Version 7.1.1 will run on RedHat 8.0

Volker Denkhaus

Dear Volker Denkhaus

thanks for your reply.

my requirement is to develope an server/application on linux which will use the RPC & DCOM interfaces exposed by the server running on Windows 2000.

i think EntireX will be option.

where can i find the trial version of
EntireX-7.1.1 ?.

since i need to evaluate the technology for my product before going for commercial license.

is it possible to install trial version of EntireX-6.2.1 on RedHat7.2/7.3 successfully ?.

all suggestion are welcome.

with thanks & regards


either we need to update our webpage and put 7.1.1 on it, or I need to find a way to ship a trial version to non-customers.
I will see how I can handle this.

Volker Denkhaus


we will not have any updates for the 6.2.1 trial version.

Version 7.1.1 will be available for download in November.

Volker Denkhaus


I just had a look at the Prerequisites for Version 7.1.1. Support for RedHat 8 is not mentionned in the document. Is this true?



it is true that RedHat 8 is not mentioned in the documentation. For RedHat we officialy support AS 2.1. But it should run on RH 8.0 as well.

Volker Denkhaus