Uninstall tamino

During the installation of tamino on XP Pro (upgraded from XP Home) the System then appeared to ?hang? when configuring the hubs?. That is, it appeared to do nothing for about 1 hour and so I stopped the installation.

I tried again. This time it came up with
the message about “files needing to be deleted, restart computer and start
again”. I did this, however, it appears to skip the problem I had before
because this time the installation wizard completed but the installation has
not been successful. When I access Tamino Manager, the localhost web page
cannot be found.

I also want to uninstall Software AG Base Technology but I cannot because it
is being used by System Management Hub. I cannot uninstall System
Management Hub because I cannot find it in add/remove programs.
If I am able to uninstall these two elements I will be able to install from
scratch. At the moment when I re-install the software, the installation of
Software AG Base Technology and System Management Hub are not performed. I
think it is the configuration/installation of these two that may be causing
the problem. It was the installation of these elements that caused the
original errors.

Can anyone tell me how I can uninstall these.

Hi Simon,

As far as I understand it would be no problem for you to reinstall the machine.
So I would recommend installing XP-Professional without upgrading from XP Home.
If the problem should occur again, could you please contact your Software AG Support Center.

Thanks and kind regards,


Hi Thomas,
thank yu for your reply. Is there no other way to remove tamino completly from the system? I’d like to try to reinstall tamino from scratch before reinstalling XP.


Hi Simon,

In principle it possible to remove Tamino and its sub products from your machine manually.
But you would have to do some changes deep inside Windows.
If you want to go this way I would recommend that you contact your Support Center.
They will assist you.

Kind regards,


Hi Simon,
I have similar problems and I need to manually remove tamino from the system. Are there some instructuons available (for instance to modify the windows registries)?
My system is XP professional and tamino

Thanks in advance for your reply,