installing and uninstalling problem

Am facing problem with installing and also uninstalling Tamino XML server the starterkit… In the beginning, I was trying to install the product through the CD , but in the middle of installation , I guess in wabdav stage it stop responding , so I abort the installation by shutting the machine , and every time I do the installation I face the same problem ( no responding . stoping) , and after that I wanted to uninstall the product through add and remove programs in control panel , but the problem every time I want to uninstall (tamino 4.1.4) it give me message that I have to uninstall webdave before , even there are no webdav in the list , so what should I do…?? Really plz plz help …. And what u think the problem that cused the (non responding) from the tamino product?? do u think having a Norton antivirus on my machine would effect on tamino installation ?? Hope to get fast replay from u … And thanx in advanced for ur help… Ps. In tamino folder under program files , I found tow folder for Tamino WebDav Server 4.1(2).4

Please tell me which Tamino version you want to install and on which platform. If your Tamino installation is somehow messed up, I would suggest to clean it up by deleting the registry key “Software AG” under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE and the folder “Software AG” in the “Program Files” folder and reboot your machine. Afterwards you should be able to do a clean install again. If this doesn´t work please reply to the first question.

Thanks a lot for the replay… And before I do ,what u asked me to do… I want to inform u about several things: My OS is Windows XP Pro. Am trying to install Tamino However , I did repair and modify Tamino Server through add and remove programs in the control panel, and after that I found I can access the tamino manager . but I think not all things are installed , cuz when I start to built a database it give me errors , such as failed to create XTS directory service entries……TCP/IP connection refused. Beside that I want to inform u that before installing Tamino I was trying to install Apache HTTP Server , but after installing I didn’t see any services installed !! I have no idea how to make things work , ohh yeh , have forget to tell u that IIS is installed on my machine and it seems working OK. Am just a student I have to submit my project but the problem am not familiar with Native DB or Services?? So am now waiting ur advice, do I have to delete the registry and the folders, or not??

Instead of trying to repair this, I would rather suggest to do the registry and folders cean-up and start the installation from scratch. Please install Apache 2.0.42 first (provided on the Tamino CD) and make sure that afterwards the Apache Web Server is up and running. Then do a plain Tamino installation.