Reinstall Tamino problem

When I got Tamino 4.1.1 installed, I also updated it. But I got a problem and I deinstalled it.

After that, I want to reinstall it. But I got the following message and failed:
"The installation of SoftwareAG Base Technologhy did not install the version which is needed by Tamino. "

How can I clean-remove Tamino and make a new installation? I do clean system registry but that will not work.

Fixed. Just remove cleanly.

  • De-Install
    - delete folder c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc

    - search in c:\ => softwareag*
    delete all directories you found

    - clean registry with a software like
    Manual : #Tools #Registry Cleanup #Do them All

    - open regedit, search for software ag
    delete all items !!!be carefully!!!

    - restart pc
    - install again
    - restart pc