Cannot install Tamino XML Server 4.2.1


I have a problem to install Tamino XML Server 4.2.1. Between an installation my InstallShield crashed and I had to reboot. Now i cannot uninstall “Software AG Base Technology”. I tried to delete some of the SAG registry entries but it did not work.

I got these messages when I install Tamino again:

Platform: WinXP Pro
Server: Apache 2.0.59

I am a student and I hope you can help me.

Thank you in advance,

Isn’t there a demo version of 4.4 available?

In fact it is here:

4.2 is quite old and 4.4 is much improved.


Thank you, but the university has the license only for the old version so I only can work with version 4.2.1.

I need some help to uninstall Software AG Base Technology because the installation aborted and I had to power off my pc. Afterwards I couldn’t uninstall Software AG Base Technology anymore and additionally a new installation of Tamino version 4.2.1 stops with the error messages above.

Please help me to delete Software AG Base Technology from my computer.

Thank you in advance,

Please note that the following actions can be quite risky so be very careful. They are also not guaranteed to solve your problem but should help.

If the only Software AG product in use is Tamino then remove directories and files from c:\program files\software ag\ and then use regedit to:

  1. export and delete registry key HKLM\SOFTWARE\Software AG\
  2. remove all services from HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services which contain “Software AG” in the DisplayName key.

If there is an installation in progress, it might also be necessary to follow the instructions posted in the last activity in this post:


I read it already and did these steps again, but it did not work. In fact there is no more SAG BTY on my computer, but I also cannot install version 4.2.1 again. All other versions work without any problems.

Are there some other ideas? Should I contact the support?


Support might be able to help.