Tamino installation problems

I am having problems with Tamino installation and uninstallation.

I attempted to install on a computer that runs on Windows NT 4.0 server edition (service pack 6a).These are the specs :

Model Compaq ML 530
Processor Chip 2 x Intel Pentium III/Xeon (or equivalent) (File Server)
Clock Speed >800 MHz
RAM Memory 512 MB SDRAM
Hard Disk Storage 3x18.2 GB RAID 5 (Ultra Wide SCSI) Hot Swappable
Raid Controller with 64MB cache memory
Floppy Diskette Storage 3.5" 1.44 Mb
Back-up Storage 20/40 GB DAT Tape Streamer
Network 10/100 UTP Ethernet Adaptor

I have also installed :
-Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition v. 7 with Norton for Exchange.
-Microsoft Backoffice 4.5
-Internet Explorer 5.5

Tamino Version:
Tamino Developer Edition v 2.2.1.Pl.7

The installation was done under system administrator login, and the machine did not have any other SoftwareAG software.

installation starts well, proceeds until the update of registry entries where the computer
hangs(not responding according to the Task Manager even when left for some time) prompting me to End Task.Under the program icons (Start–>Programs–>Software AG Base Technology),the entry for System Management Hub is present but that of the Extended Transport Service is not.The Registry log ( \SoftwareAG\Tamino\Registry) is missing/could not be created.Further to all
this,I cannot uninstall Tamino because the uninstall file is reported as corrupted.I am thus left with an uninstallable incomplete product.

Would anyone have an idea

– of how to uninstall the partial Tamino installation without affecting any currently installed program ? (The uninstall program does not work because it is incomplete or corrupted.)

– of what the problem could be and how to proceed and install Tamino ?