Ran out of disk space...

I was installing Tamino for Windows 2000 Professional, and apparently did not leave enough disk space for the complete installation. The installer failed, leaving me with a complete version of Tamino, and an incomplete version of Tamino, side-by-side.

I did some housekeeping, freed up some space and tried it again, but now I’m receiving the error message:

This Tamino version is already installed on your PC using a different product GUID. Please deinstall the existing version prior to installing the new version.

I tried uninstalling 4.1.4 via “Add/Remove Programs”, but I’m still receiving this error. 4.2 does not appear as an entry in the control panel. Is there a way to manually remove the failed installation, or force the installer to override that error?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Hello Pierce,

since this is a real support issue, we kindly ask you to get in contact with a Software AG support representative.

We organized the first contact from our site already and you get a “hands on” help from one of our specialists here in HQ.

Thank you for your patience