Upgrade to 4.1 (Tamino Manager)


For first:
My software is:
1. Windows 2000 Pro Polish Edition + SP2
2. Internet Explorer 6.0 Polish Edition
3. Tamino

I decided to install 4.1 Tamino on this computer. I didn’t want to delete old 3.1, so I wanted install on it.

After executed installation process started, I got the following error:


For the installation of Tamino Microsoft Windows service pack 2 is required.

Setup detected only service 0 on your computer.

Setup will stop now.

So first my question is: “What couldn’t the installer find my SP2?” Why is said that I have got 0 service packs? I don’t really understnand it, at all.

So, the installation process stoped! :frowning:

Then, I decided to upgrade my SP2 to SP3 service pack. I installed SP3 PL.

After that once again, I executed installer 4.1 Tamino. It worked, I chose all products to install and they were installed, successfully (I installed Tamino in directory: C:\Program Files\Software AG\Tamino4)

Now, I tried executed Tamino Manager, however unfortunately, Tamino Manager was showed (but the image was from Tamino :frowning:

All my database which I have got in Tamino was showed in this Tamino Manager.

I can’t see “Replication Management” in Tamino Manager.

What can I do to execute Tamino Manager
Please help me, this is very important for me.

I don’t want to delete old 3.1 version, because I have got a lot of databases which I had created in 3.1 version.

Any help will be very appreciated.

In advance, thanks a lot!

best regards,
Dariusz Baumann

Hi Dariusz,

there is no Tamino Manager or
Tamino Manager always shows all databases of all versions. SO if you create a new database with what you call Tamino Manager, you can chose if a V3 or a V4 database is to be created.

You will see “replication management” only for V4 databases (either newly created ones or databases originating e.g. from with “set version” to V4.1.1.1)

and yes, we do not require that you deinstall Tamino 3.1, as Tamino versions can coexist.