RE: Unable to install WebDAV Server v. correctly

I’ve uninstalled an older version of WbeDav before trying to install webDav v., but keep getting the following error message during installation:
“… Unable to locate file : …\DISK1\Software AG Tamino WebDAV Server 4.1.5.msi”

Infact the requested file is right there sitting in installation directory. Any solution?


which Windows version do you have? We never experienced such problems up to now. Do you get an installer log, something like %TEMP%\xsvxxx.log?


I am using WIn2K, but I’ve managed to install webDav v. since then. It turns out that my problem was I’ve used the Tamino installation disk to remove webDav component which does not give me a clean uninstall. Using windows’ remove program fixes that.

By the way, I am trying to develope a repository that requires a servlet to talk to Tamino through TaminoWebDav can anybody point me to some examples or tutorial on the subject?? I was told that Slide API might help, but I cannot find any example or tutorial that might help.


concerning the API you are seeking, I would like to draw your attention to WVCM, a standard currently being defined under JCP as JSR-147. Please find the specs at

We are currently developing an open source implementation of WVCM which is available in Jakarta’s CVS repository at jakarta-slide/proposals/wvcm. The package org.apache.wvcm.sample contains sample code. The junit testsuite is another place to look for sample code.