Error in installation of Tamino WebDAV when jakarta-tomcat i

I have installed WebDAV 4.1.4 and wanted it integrated with IIS. I had an existing Jakarta-tomcat installed which was integrated with IIS.
After installation of WebDAV my existing Jakarta-tomcat doesn

Finally found the solution! It was a IIS-problem.

It would be nice though if the Tamino WebDAV installation gave a warning if an existing jakarta-tomcat is installed with IIS integration, since the WebDAV installation changes the existing installation, so none of them works afterwards.

Regards [Ole]

Hello, I have the same problem.
I install Webdav 4.1.4 and it says
The HTTP Filter DLL C:\Program Files\Software AG\Tamino\Tamino WebDav Server 4.2.1\jakarta-tomcat\bin\isapi_redirect.dll

Could you explain what you did to solve the problem.