Webdav Install 4.4.1

Is it so that you only have webdav possibility if you install the new 4.4.1 tamino on a apache2 server and not IIS?

And if so can you activate any collection to be webdav enable so that there is not much different then the path from the old webdav in 4.2.1 tamino server.

Because we have developed several tools that relay on webdav to be used as upload and download of XML document from tamino.

Or am I stuck with the old version for now?

Hope to get a good clarifying answer to this webdav question That I think many are concerned about.

Do I get any support on this or is this forum dead?

Regards Kjetil

The built-in WebDAV functionality of Tamino 4.4.x is only supported when accessing Tamino via an Apache2 web server.

best regards,
Heiko Weber