Uninstall Tamino successfully

Hi, I had problems uninstalling Tamino 4.1.4 in Windows 2000 Professional and here are the steps that I performed to uninstall it. -Backup and delete all Tamino known Databases, it helps to enter no password. -Uninstall Tamino 4.1.4 using its Installer -Uninstall all Tamino components, also the Transaction Platform -Go to register of Windows and delete all ‘Tamino’, ‘Base technology’ and ‘inoscheme’ from it. -Check if inoscheme.cmd was deleted within C:\WinNT\ -Delete all folder and Tamino Files in Programs\Software AG, also delete the references at Windows program bar (star->programs-> …) - Delete the folder Software Ag in douments and settings/alluser.winnt/data, or backup on a different location. this can be useful if you are not willing to format the machine :wink: